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Do rentals need pro photos?

By June 19, 2019 August 8th, 2019 No Comments

The sales departments in real estate agencies across Australia have been using professional photography for years. Often overlooked but quickly gaining momentum in Australia is professional photography for rental listings.

So why have BDM’s and rental manages been slow to adopt professional photography for their rental listings?  It has to do with budget constraints and lack of training in selling photography to landlords and then actually convincing a landlord to pay for them.  Yep landlords are generally tight buggers that hate to spend money on their investments, well not all of them but majority will run when extra costs are mentioned.

So why would you want to get professional photography of a rental listing?  I mean you’ve got that flash new DSLR camera your boss bought 3 years ago with its fisheye lens flux capacitor charged storage card and hey the new Iphone X and Samsung galaxys take a pretty darn good photo too!

Well in reality unless your hobbyist photographer or have had some experience taking professional photos your iphone and fisheye lens just isn’t going to cut the mustard if you want your brand to look its best and you want to get you landlords the best possible price.

Contry to popular belief when a professional takes photos they don’t just drop the card in the computer and email you off perfect looking silky smooth photos .   Professional real estate photographers can spend just as much time editing and polishing photos to get them ready to hit the market.  So for the sake of 100 bucks or so for a professional photographer its really a no brainier, AND hears the KICKER!

Research has shown that rental listings with professional photos can expect a minimum rent increase of $10 per week,  and thats just a minimum.  So that means for a $100 investment in using a professional you will net your land lord a profit of $420 in the first year,  with compounding interest that $100 investment could equate to over $5,000 in 10 years.  Not a bad return hey!

So thats good, you have got your land lord a return on his investment, but how else do you and your land lord benefit from using professional photos?

Well for starters with pro photos taken when the house is empty you can virtually re-use those photos over and over again when the property is re-leased, this means no more going back out to take more rental photos.

Finally the best thing about pro photos is that it makes you and the company you work for look really really good!!  Think about it for a minute you don’t see retail stores like Harvey Norman or K-mart using DIY photos on their adverts because it just wouldn’t look professional.

At the end of the day you can choose to take your own photos or hire a professional but ultimately the real estate world is changing and its becoming the new trend and its getting results.