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What Is Virtual Furniture?

By July 1, 2019 August 8th, 2019 No Comments

Argument-ed reality, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality and super duper tech words are the norm these days. With so much new technology and the rate of development in software these days it comes as no surprise that the real estate industry is affected by so much new tech.

Virtual furniture as the name suggests is fairly self explanatory,  Its furniture that’s virtual……  and by virtual I mean its furniture that dosn’t exist the physical world that we live in because its not real!

Its digital furniture that is placed into photos of empty rooms.

Example Virtual Staging

So why use virtual furniture over real furniture?

As photographers we are strong advocate for staging a house with furniture when you sell it, It helps our photos look great and helps my clients sell more homes and get more money for their vendors.

However its not always possible to get real styling into a house.  Perhaps the vendor doesn’t have the money to drop $3000 – $4000 on hire furniture, maybe they don’t have time to get a home staged, maybe the vendor is a tight ass?

Sometimes you might have a listing thats just not getting any traction, so a simple fix is revitalize the listing with some virtual furniture.

What ever the reason there is always the alternative is to use virtual furniture.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Its cheaper – from $50 per photo
  • Its fast – turn around in less than 24 hours
  • You can choose from many styles to suit the home

So how is virtual furniture done?

There are really two ways to add virtual furniture to a photo. I will talk about both methods.

Method 1 is called the cut and paste method. The photo editors take furniture from another image and try to bend and stretch it to fit the new empty room photo.  This is a cheap and fast method and generally doesn’t look very good in our opinion.

The second and preferred method is the 3D modeling method, This is where 3d modeled furniture is placed into the scene using 3d software, the lighting, shadows and colour casts are also manipulated to ensure the furniture looks 100% real and authentic.  This method takes a lot longer but when done properly by skilled artists yeilds a far better result.

So how much does Virtual staging cost?

Prices can vary from supplier to supplier, you can pay anywhere from $25 for basic cut and paste furniture all the way up to $150+ per image for custom work.  At Property Snaps we sit in the middle with most prices around the $50- $60 per image mark depending on how many images are ordered.

If you do have any questions about virtual furniture and if its the right move for you next campaign then please feel free to contact Vince at Property Snaps on 0408 559 555 for a quick chat.